Friday, July 8, 2011


Father! A word which depicts feelings,….feelings of love,optimism,inspiration,security,braveness and many others. A child looks to his father as a man who will make all his dreams come true and will save him from all the troubles in the world.

So it’s same with me too…..Since i started understanding things, i conceptualized him as my role model.

Blithesome,Bliss full , Kind, Earthy, Sometimes short tempered…are the words which describes his personality best, a man whose life is based on his morals and values, which sometimes feel rigid to me.

Born and brought up in a typical lower middle class family, he experienced Grey shade s of life at an early stage.My grandfather ,gave English medium elementary education and then higher education to all his 6 children back then in 1970′s , though being from the lower middle class.

My father learned Value of money, time and struggle in life from his father,On the contrary i don’t think i have any traits of my father, ….IRONY!s

I will not say my relation with him is a healthy one,though there were not any big issues, but there are some, I could not become a son he was looking for( no blames to others, my fault) and for me … he was always too rigid and tough ….

Memories grasp and pushes me back, down the lanes of my childhood, when i was a witness to his struggling phase, all this struggle through out life had made him a stiff person .

His love for traveling and writing is nonpareil , he who has traveled almost all India by now and some neighboring countries too, always motivated me for traveling , and fortunately i picked it this one from him……..And i can say Penning was a form of therapy for him, which i understood more clearly when i came to Delhi.

In Delhi i got a chance to stay with him for 2 years , just him and me, as he was working here and i , studying.

That two years unfolded an altogether different aspect of him. He used to write poems and articles since his college days but never got a chance to interact with his writings so closely by then, but in those years which i spend with him with no one around, i got to know a lot about his passion for writing , understanding of things, reasons for his upbeat nature ,his never-changing optimistic attitude .

But i always loved what he wrote , his poems and articles, not because he is my dad, but because he really writes stuff to which i can connect, something which is real , based on life’s hard-earned experience ….his writings made me question my self at times, inspired me,Put me in dilemma, and most important made me smile.

Now when he has got 5 books published , and a magazine which is a special edition dedicated on him , i want’s to thank him for standing there for me when even i was wrong, i want to thank him for his writings which incidentally became the great source of inspiration for me.

I am attaching the link for the magazine Kalpant – 03July2011which has been published keeping him in focus, so if any interested soul want’s to get a quick insight and enrich his knowledge and experience reserves, can do so.Also you can read him on

Hey guys , please let me know what you feel , or if you wants to share some excerpt or an experience with your dad which you think is worthy to know, Your feedback are really valuable as they will keep the discussion alive so we can get a good conclusion.

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  1. Pleasant Post. This record helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot