Friday, November 22, 2013

childhood days-bachpan ke din ka anuvad

I remember
the days of childhood
to float the paper boat
in the water
in rainy days
to run with the horses of imagination
among hovering clouds
and search the desired characters
yes, i remember
the expansion of water
on the floor
playing in the water
the anger of mother
the affection of grandmother
the love of sister
i remember all
i still peep in the sky
i search the imagination
among clouds
i still remember
the appearance of rainbow
after the rain
to paint my own mind
in its colours
the glow of sunrays
somewhere from behind
then in golden clouds
weave my rainbow dreams
yes , i still remember
to search the animal`s form
among the clouds
to realize myself
on the running horse
i could not forget
my childhood
still i am helpless
not to return in my childhood
i still crave
to make house of sands
to play in sands
run here and there
play hide and seek
yes, i want to return in my childhood

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